Tuesday, May 18, 2010


  • For most of my adolescent-thru-adult life, I believed I was fat. (And I wasn't.) Now I AM fat.  Life is a riot.
  • Why do I keep buying magazines/reading articles that purport to tell how you can save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill?  I raised 5 kids with no support, paternally or governmentally.  I KNOW this stuff.  There's never any exciting revelation.  Maybe I should WRITE the articles!
  • I need to find a niche here.  Someone should be reading this, or else it's just a writing exercise.  I guess I could use a writing exercise.  I guess I could use any kind of exercise (see first bullet.)
  • I hereby vow to post a menu plan next Monday.  There I said it.  Now the hard part.  I could post one for this week, but it would look like this:
          Monday-too tired from getting up at 2:30 to help husband with paper routes and then going to my 9-  5.  No soup for you!  (Son had nachos.)
          Tuesday-spaghetti (hopefully made by husband while I shop at Sam's)
          Wednesday- Bible class after work, McDonalds or Burger King after that.
          Thursday-cub scouts (we are making coffee can ice cream!)
          Friday-Date night wine and pizza
          Saturday-Guess Who's Coming To Dinner night with church couple.  We are the surprise  guests, and just have to bring dessert.  I am trying to guess what to bring for dessert!
          Sunday-Care Group at church member's home.  Hoagie night, just have to bring chips.

See, that would be helpful to no one.

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