Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Wow, I haven't blogged in like, forever.  Last year, when I quit my job, my plan was to set goals and blog about my progress.  I think I'd like a redo on that.  So here goes:

Goals, year 2: (after what amounts to a year long vacation, apparently)

Save $200 per month-this is a passive goal, sort of.  I mean, I don't have to get up in the morning and DO something.  Sounds easy, eh?

Turn the attic into an office for my husband.  I have started this, but that doesn't really count, because OH LORDY is it a project.  I have given away or sold approximately 1/4 of the detritus up there, this year I NEED to finish.  I think I have to break it down into smaller goals:

1.  Handle (completely) one box or bin (minimum) each week.  This means that everything that is in that box or bin has been placed in it's permanent home, whether it's someone else's home, Goodwill, or where it belongs on our home.

2. By January, be ready to organize what's left and theoretically belongs in the attic.

3. Paint.

Paint the Living Room. (or move)

Paint the Dining Room

Turn the Coat Closet back into the coat closet (currently the downstairs version of the attic.)

Date Nights.  These need to happen.  We'll start with a goal of once a month, and up it as we hopefully progress.

This is enough to start.  Wish me luck.