Sunday, May 23, 2010

Woo-Hoo, Houston, we have a menu!

Monday-Country Style BBQ spare-ribs (slow-cooker) and cole slaw

Tuesday-Baked Chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach

Wednesday-(Bible class after work) Greek salad

Thursday-Black Bean burgers, sweet potato fries

Friday-Pizza (BOGO at Shoprite) Date night

Saturday-Clean the Fridge leftovers

Sunday-Italian Sausage sandwiches, Fried Cabbage

I usually buy a head of cabbage for cole slaw, but I was at Sam's earlier this week, and a bag of cole slaw mix was cheaper than a head of cabbage at the supermarket, so I bought it.  Since it would make enough cole slaw for an army, I decided to also use it for my fried cabbage.  This will be a first, so I'll let you know how it comes out.  Basically, my fried cabbage is just thinly sliced cabbage and thinly sliced onion fried in a frying pan with olive oil and butter until browned and somewhat carmelized.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


  • For most of my adolescent-thru-adult life, I believed I was fat. (And I wasn't.) Now I AM fat.  Life is a riot.
  • Why do I keep buying magazines/reading articles that purport to tell how you can save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill?  I raised 5 kids with no support, paternally or governmentally.  I KNOW this stuff.  There's never any exciting revelation.  Maybe I should WRITE the articles!
  • I need to find a niche here.  Someone should be reading this, or else it's just a writing exercise.  I guess I could use a writing exercise.  I guess I could use any kind of exercise (see first bullet.)
  • I hereby vow to post a menu plan next Monday.  There I said it.  Now the hard part.  I could post one for this week, but it would look like this:
          Monday-too tired from getting up at 2:30 to help husband with paper routes and then going to my 9-  5.  No soup for you!  (Son had nachos.)
          Tuesday-spaghetti (hopefully made by husband while I shop at Sam's)
          Wednesday- Bible class after work, McDonalds or Burger King after that.
          Thursday-cub scouts (we are making coffee can ice cream!)
          Friday-Date night wine and pizza
          Saturday-Guess Who's Coming To Dinner night with church couple.  We are the surprise  guests, and just have to bring dessert.  I am trying to guess what to bring for dessert!
          Sunday-Care Group at church member's home.  Hoagie night, just have to bring chips.

See, that would be helpful to no one.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Zoo!

Today, we went to the Popcorn Park Zoo.  This zoo is located approximately 40 minutes from our house if we do not make a wrong turn and circle about 30 miles out of the way and get mixed up in shore traffic on route 9.  But that's another blog post.
PPZ is a tiny little spot in the NJ pinelands, dedicated to helping animals who are hurt or abandoned.  There is a branch of the Humane Society located there, where you can adopt a dog or cat, also.
This little field trip satisfied our last Go-See-It requirement for my Tiger Scouts.  Next week they will all move up into the Wolf den.

                                                               This guy was just chillin'.

                                                                        Da Bears.

                                                         I thought she looked kind of sad.

       I like this picture.  I'm not a great photographer (if you couldn't tell)  and it turned out just like I wanted.

                                              There were all kinds of families at the zoo today!

                                                              Gorgeous colors!

This guy was at the Humane Society.  Apparently he flew away from his owner who had him for 12 years when he was spooked by a loud noise.  

An awesome time was had by all who didn't wear crocs that kept getting full of sand and so they had to sit on their dad's head and were a little hot and whiny, but once again, that's another blog.  It became "all good" once we stopped at Wawa for some cold drinks, and then came home and napped.
A perfect Saturday!