Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I've been godsmacked!


This morning I left my house with exactly enough time to drive through Dunkin Donuts and then make it to work.  I was pleasantly surprised that there was not a long line at the drive through.  The parking lot there is a little nutty, because the access road is actually behind the building, so you have to drive around to get to the place where you can get in line.  UNLESS you enter in the back where there is clearly marked "Do not enter"-then you can just jump in right at the speaker if the timing is right.
Well, because I am a stickler for the rules, (and also because in my Lucy Ricardo life if anyone is ever going to get a ticket for doing something that everyone else does all the time it would be me) I drove around the right way.  And as I got to the drive-thru, there was a big ol' Xterra that came in through the back (the WRONG, illegal, way!)  In righteous indignation I gestured (not THAT gesture!) and mouthed "didn't you see the sign???"  Then I glared at the woman driver with my best evil eye.
Almost immediately, what came to mind was the sermon I'd heard on Sunday morning about forgiveness.  How we should forgive someone, even if they don't know we're forgiving them.  So I took a deep breath, and I asked God to help me with this. I decided to let it go.  She was probably in a hurry, just like me.
So I ordered my coffee, and added a Coffee Roll, because I hadn't had time to eat breakfast.  The guy who took my order said, "ok, that'll be $1.60"
 "Did you get the coffee roll?" I asked, irritated, because I knew it should've cost more.
"Yes, the woman in front of you paid for your coffee."
S M A C K !
Oh yes, I felt it.  I was humbled this morning.
And that woman, who for a brief moment was the target for my daggers of contempt, was used by God to turn me around in my tracks.

I looked in my rear view mirror just in time to see the look of surprise on the face of the man behind me when the cashier told him that I'd paid for his coffee.  I hope it made his day, too.


    And, you are awesome!

  2. Hey Robin-you are awesome yourself.