Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love and Logic

One of the million and twenty reasons I love my husband is that he not only has the ability to dream, but he believes that he deserves good things, and that good things are coming his way. 

I can tell you that I don't know what on earth he loves me for, but he told me that he fell in love with me on the night we met because I was able to close my eyes and imagine that the cars that were zipping by the little al fresco pub were actually ocean waves.  (Every so often a tractor-trailer would plow by and ruin the illusion, but on the whole, it works.)

But in defining myself, the first word that comes to mind is logical.  I pride myself on being practical.  People ask me for advice, and they usually appreciate my point of view.

So it would only stand to reason that Practical Patty and Dreamer Dan would not always see eye-to-eye.  One such moment was this morning, when he wanted to imagine life with the 100 million dollars that he believes we will win in the Mega-millions lottery.  I probably rolled my eyes, and immediately dismissed him.  I hurt his feelings, and he didn't want to talk any longer.

We have dreamed this dream together a hundred times, and Practical Patty was tired of it.  We will not get out of our inadequate little house.  We will not get new clothes.  We will not get a mansion and a yacht.  Practical Patty was logical, and mean.
At what cost?
Dreamer Dan was hurt.  How much energy would it really have taken to entertain his musings?  I didn't even really have to participate, just react positively.

I think I need to go sit by the highway and listen to the waves.

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