Monday, July 9, 2012

Today I am thankful for so much.  My husband actually has appointments today! Yay!  On Saturday, we participated in a community yard sale/flea market that was waaaaay too hot for any sane people to attend, and yet we made a little bit over what we paid to be there, so we came out a wee bit ahead, and got rid of some stuff we didn't need.  We also got to meet some new people. 

While hubby was baking at the yard sale with the little guy,  I was with a friend picking blueberries.*  Talk about HOT, man was it hot.  We sweated in places we didn't know could sweat.  Best part of that-the blueberry fields belong to a family from our church,!  And the friend I was picking with?  Gave me her old (working) sewing machine.

Then yesterday, we had our quarterly family get-together with my husband's siblings, and my awesome SIL gave me her old (working) treadmill.  We had a wonderful dinner together, great conversation, lots of laughs.

Before the weekend began, I emailed our landlady, who is the sweetest landlady EVER, and explained our situation.  She is so patient, and she told me that she knew it would work out somehow, and if she could, she'd tell us to just not worry about it at all.  I am feeling a little more at peace.....

We are truly blessed.  God is good.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.  Psalms 37:4

* those awesome sweet blueberries made some amazingly wonderful dishes - I made blueberry donut muffins from this recipe at The Finer Things, and a blueberry cobbler to take to SIL's.  Both delicious.  How happy am I to live in the blueberry capital of the world.  Sorry no pics, but I can attest that the muffins are every bit as good as she claims!  (And we kept them home for us!)

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